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Our dedicated research team constantly identifies new suppliers based on their product range, financial status, infrastructure, manpower, and efficiency. We also update relevant information on new manufacturers and new products so you can get the best supplier data for your needs. Even advanced information pertaining to new varieties of value additions, fabric, accessories, and quota availability is also updated. LinkBee International Ltd. is your fresh, relevant, and advanced supplier data Bank.


We are having own samples section and also develop samples as per our buyer’s choice. We assure you that the samples are developed to suit the season, colors, fabric and style based on our buyer’s requirements. Just tell us your requirements and we will send the samples to you directly. By offering this crucial service, we assist your marketing efforts in your country and give you the needed edge for more sales.


We closely monitor orders from sampling to the time of shipment. We provide updated status on sampling, production, and shipment to our buyers on a regular basis. A proactive approach is maintained towards the identification of problem areas and immediate corrective measures taken to ensure the standard & timely delivery of products. Detailed physical inspection of the samples is conducted on a random basis which covers the criteria like design/style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing etc.

Status Reporting

The status report is provided based on multi-stage inspection and transmitted to the buyers through fax/ e-mail/ WhatsApp. The production progress is analyzed complying with the delivery terms/ conditions and appropriate actions are taken to ensure that goods are delivered on time. Consignments are made for shipment only if they match the standards, as required by our buyers. It is easy to see that all these sourcing and management services which will not only reduce your time, frustration, and fear of the unknown, but it will save you money!

Documentation and Shipping Co-ordination

Shipping documents are checked as per the buyer’s instruction and a copy of the same is sent in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancies.


We scrutinize quoted prices of our factories as well as the other suppliers based on our own experience and the cost structure in the country for obtaining the most realistic prices from them.

  • We also keep buyers informed about market trends, new developments in the industry, changes in Govt. policy and regulations etc.
  • Update our buyers regarding new fabrics, designs, and fashion trends within our knowledge.
  • Receive the buyers who visit us, send invitation letters to obtain visas, arrange hotel bookings on their behalf, and plan meetings with us & other suppliers.
  • Extent all reasonable assistance that a buyer may be needed in a foreign land to make his visit comfortable and useful.  
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